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History of WBB Craft Beers


Beer with character for people with taste.™ It’s our creedo, and we stand by it 100%. Must be 21 to visit our tap room.




Farmhouse Ales

Ale Ferme Noire

The fourth entry into the farmhouse ale series and this one explores the dark side. This is a sweeter type of farmhouse ale, but balanced by some roast and dark malt character.

Miss Chievous' BDG

This beer is brewed in the tradition of a true French farmhouse style ale that was typically consumed after a hard day of work in the fields of northern France. This beverage served as both a source of nutrition and for the purpose of relaxation. This is a nice malty, low hopped beer that is conditioned to show the characteristics of an aged lager. Hopped with Hallertauer and Fuggles hops. This is White Bluffs Brewing's flagship brew...enjoy!

Biere De Ambre

The third entry into our French farmhouse ales lineup. You can taste the similar character to MissChievous BDG and BDM, but this one tastes sweeter and packs a bigger wallop. Brewed to appeal to the eye before it hits the taste buds with smooth goodness. Checks in at right around so don’t get fooled by the sweetness and easy drinking character.

Biere de Mars

Biere de Mars is a special version of the French farmhouse ale Biere de Garde. Brewed to a higher strength during the gusty month of March, it is intended to last through Summer. This beer combines the same malty character, but with with a higher content of Pearle hops. Halletauer hops provide the flavor and aroma.

Biere De Noel

The holiday entry in the farmhouse ale series! Spiced up with cinnamon, coriander and orange peel; we also use smoked pumpkin to make it a big beer, that's still lite so it won't bog you down. This is a sweeter type of farmhouse ale, but balanced by some roast and dark malt character.

St. Doc's Saison

Brewed to honor and remember a father and father-in-law whose wisdom is never forgotten. If this one is on tap, trust me, you will need to rush in to quaff a few pints. Black pepper and coriander complement the rich malt profile and produce an unforgettable beer. Crystal 40 and 80, chocolate malt, dark wheat and victory work with the Vienna and munich malts to deliver a complex and highly drinkable beer.


#1 IPA

Take in the aroma and savor the grapefruit and citrus notes emanating from the Simcoe and Amarillo hops. A nicely balanced IPA that is not over the top assertive but keeps you wanting more. Also uses Challenger hops for bittering. This is a highly drinkable IPA

Bluffdiver IPA

Our mainstay IPA comes with the “No Hop Rookies” warning. This beer was brewed to strain your taste buds as you decipher how it’s possible to get such a strong grapefruit flavor from the selected hops and still create such a delicious beer. You can thank the Simcoe, Cascade, and Citra hops for this wonderful combination.

Dirty Double IPA

Brewed to smack you upside the head with a wallop of hop bursting flavor. This one is for big boys and girls to enjoy in moderation. Surprisingly balanced between malt and hops with a big dry hop finish.

Exploding Galaxy IPA

This beer is out of this universe, or galaxy that is! This is the first in our series of single hop IPA's. Using Galaxy hops throughout the brewing process ...mash, run off, boil and whirlpool, this beer should explode with flavor for all the hop heads looking for a big bang. Enjoy!

Mindbender IPA

The objective...make it look dark but taste just like a regular IPA. The process...soak the dark grain in cold water for a couple days and try to eliminate the bitter character. The outcome...Wow! What a mindbending experience. Give it a try and see what you think.

Midnight Summit IPA

Another of our dark IPAs….or is it Cascadian Ales….or is it…whichever, we think you will enjoy this nicely hopped brew. Carafa, chocolate, and dark wheat bring the roast to this one, which is hopped with Challenger, Amarillo and Cascade.

Oatmeal IPA

Props to Don Webb owner/brewer at Naked City Brewery in Seattle for the inspiration. Brewed on a whim this may be the all-time “brewer’s choice” at WBB. The oatmeal adds a silky smooth mouth feel that complements the big hop flavor. The hops are still in the experimentation stage to get it just right. Originally brewed with Galena, Galaxy and Aurora.


A crisp and flavorful IPA infused with magnum hops. Using rye malt along with a little wheat and pale malt makes for a different but enjoyable beer!

Snickering Owl IPA

A more balanced IPA that is a favorite of many of our WBB faithful. The malt combination is simple to let the hops shine as the star of the show, and deliver a dry hoppy delight. Bravo, Amarillo and Galaxy make this one work. Did you hear that owl snickering at you?

Thundersnake IPA

Another of our IPAs that we consider one our mainstays of the lineup. Big in malt, hops and flavor, the “Snake” uses 2-Row, crystal, Vienna, munich, victory and a touch of dark wheat malts. The big hopping is a result of ample Bravo, Galaxy and Cascade hops. Alcohol checks in around 7% and IBUs are 130. Is it balanced? Your call...


American Wheat

Our entry level beer for those moving into the craft beer segment, or for those looking to enjoy an easy drinking, crisp well balanced beer. Made up of about 54% pale malt and 32% white wheat malt and hopped with Hallertauer hops.


Our dunkel is a smooth, well balanced dark wheat beer. The interesting character comes from caramel wheat, chocolate malt, dark wheat and crystal-60. Hopped with Hallertauer and Pearle hops. Some versions will have a little bit of coffee malt. We think those versions will be readily apparent to you...Enjoy!

Axe M. Weizenbock

The third entry into our French farmhouse ales lineup. You can taste the similar character to BDG and BDM, but this one tastes sweeter and packs a bigger wallop. Brewed to appeal to the eye before it hits the taste buds with smooth goodness. Checks in at right around so don’t get fooled by the sweetness and easy drinking character.


Blonde Bombshell

Intended to be an entry level craft beer for those checking out what all the fuss is about, and for those experienced folks who want a flavorful beer that serves as a session beer. Hopped with Tettnanger and Galaxy. Check her out…she just might make you do a double take.


The little beer with the big flavor. In spite of the corny name, this beer was meant to be brewed with the same malt as Bluffdiver, but backed WAY down. Hopped with Simcoe, Cascade and Galaxy, this is a well balanced flavorful session beer. One thing you can be sure of is the beer isn’t blue.


The Kolsch is another good introductory beer for those just entering the craft beer phenomenon. Nice rounded flavors with a honey malt accent for added character. This is the German summertime beer that is easy drinking and very refreshing. Hopped with Halletauer hops makes for a great malt/hop balance.


Rye Not

Brewed to specifically appeal to Mike Free. 30% Rye malt along with a little wheat and a lot of pale malt makes for a highly complex but very drinkable beverage. Hopped with Halletauer hops, this is a bit different, but definitely refreshing and worth checking out. You are likely to agree with Mike Free that this style works!


Oatmeal Porter

The WBB robust porter is brewed to be hearty but smooth to the taste buds. Smell the roasty character before the goodness hits your tongue. Specialty malts in this one include crystal 20, crystal 80, chocolate, carafe, amber, coffee and victory. Hopped with perle, Amarillo and halletauer.

Oatmeal Stout

Come on over to the dark side…... This is a brew for the dark beer lovers who enjoy a full-bodied flavorful beer. This beer requires good judgment so that the complex flavors don’t lead you down the wrong path of over quaffing. Full of pale, crystal, munich, victory, chocolate, carafa and roasted barley (oh yeah, and oatmeal), and hopped with Challenger hops, this is a treat. Smooth, flavorful, but oh so potent.

Northside Brown

Brewed in appreciation for the tremendous support from our north Richland regular patrons. Nice roasted character, full-bodied , with a complexity that causes you to wonder where all those delicious flavors are coming from. You may find you appreciate this one as much as we appreciate you.



The WBB collaboration with Larry Rock that makes up our entry into the Washington State “Larry” series of beers produced by various breweries. This one is intended for the traditional Octoberfest celebration in September and October. A malt forward beer with minimal hops of the Halletauer and Perle varieties. Lagered for several months for a smooth round fullness.


Red Alt

Our take on a German style alt bier. Alt designates “old” which means an ale brewed and aged for extended conditioning to take on characteristics of a lager. Our take on alt bier is to amp up the hop profile to help celebrate the eastern Washington hop growing area and the impact on the world brewing community. The hops include Tettnanger and Pearle.

Blufftop Pale Ale

A clean, crisp pale ale developed as an alternative to the darker and cloudier traditional English ales. The White Bluffs Pale Ale is brewed to be an easy drinking, smooth and well balanced beer that serves as a perfect session beer. Hopped with Centennial and Cascade hops. We think this is another standard WBB beer. Give it a try and see if you agree.


Summer Gose (Goes Ah)

Originally only brewed in East Germany and grandfathered in to meet the German Purity Law of 1516. This beer can best be described as sort of a sweet and sour beverage. Made with wheat, pilsner and acidulated malt, with little hop balance but just the right amount of sea salt and coriander. A great beer to savor on a hot summer day.