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Farmhouse Ales

Farmhouse Ales

Ale Ferme Noire

The fourth entry into the farmhouse ale series and this one explores the dark side. This is a sweeter type of farmhouse ale, but balanced by some roast and dark malt character.

Miss Chievous' BDG

This beer is brewed in the tradition of a true French farmhouse style ale that was typically consumed after a hard day of work in the fields of northern France. This beverage served as both a source of nutrition and for the purpose of relaxation. This is a nice malty, low hopped beer that is conditioned to show the characteristics of an aged lager. Hopped with Hallertauer and Fuggles hops. This is White Bluffs Brewing's flagship brew...enjoy!

Biere De Ambre

The third entry into our French farmhouse ales lineup. You can taste the similar character to MissChievous BDG and BDM, but this one tastes sweeter and packs a bigger wallop. Brewed to appeal to the eye before it hits the taste buds with smooth goodness. Checks in at right around so don’t get fooled by the sweetness and easy drinking character.

Biere de Mars

Biere de Mars is a special version of the French farmhouse ale Biere de Garde. Brewed to a higher strength during the gusty month of March, it is intended to last through Summer. This beer combines the same malty character, but with with a higher content of Pearle hops. Halletauer hops provide the flavor and aroma.

Biere De Noel

The holiday entry in the farmhouse ale series! Spiced up with cinnamon, coriander and orange peel; we also use smoked pumpkin to make it a big beer, that's still lite so it won't bog you down. This is a sweeter type of farmhouse ale, but balanced by some roast and dark malt character.

St. Doc's Saison

Brewed to honor and remember a father and father-in-law whose wisdom is never forgotten. If this one is on tap, trust me, you will need to rush in to quaff a few pints. Black pepper and coriander complement the rich malt profile and produce an unforgettable beer. Crystal 40 and 80, chocolate malt, dark wheat and victory work with the Vienna and munich malts to deliver a complex and highly drinkable beer.