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American Wheat

Our entry level beer for those moving into the craft beer segment, or for those looking to enjoy an easy drinking, crisp well balanced beer. Made up of about 54% pale malt and 32% white wheat malt and hopped with Hallertauer hops.


Our dunkel is a smooth, well balanced dark wheat beer. The interesting character comes from caramel wheat, chocolate malt, dark wheat and crystal-60. Hopped with Hallertauer and Pearle hops. Some versions will have a little bit of coffee malt. We think those versions will be readily apparent to you...Enjoy!

Axe M. Weizenbock

The third entry into our French farmhouse ales lineup. You can taste the similar character to BDG and BDM, but this one tastes sweeter and packs a bigger wallop. Brewed to appeal to the eye before it hits the taste buds with smooth goodness. Checks in at right around so don’t get fooled by the sweetness and easy drinking character.