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New Brew Release: Kviek Brut

Kviek Brut
FRI 3/27: 3pm
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A couple of notes about this beer. Basically, there are two elements; the Brut style and the Kveik yeast strain. This is our third Brut beer over the last year and a half, and this style is defined by extreme dryness, think Brut Champagne, due to addition of enzymes which cause all sugars to become fermentable. Highly carbonated to mirror the champagne type effect on your palate. Lightly hopped but perception is moderately to heavy hopping due to the extreme dryness. The Kveik yeast is a strain originating in Norway and we used a mixture of three Kveik strains for this beer. Our Brut was fermented at 94 degrees which is extremely high for a beer. Notes of pear and apple on the nose leading to fruity melon and soft fleshed fruit on the palate. Very refreshing. 6.6% abv and 16 ibu. Enjoy and stay safe. Cheers!

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